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Hunt Scanlon Ventures Spotlights Roble Ventures Founder Sergio Monsalve in Latest ExitUp Investment Brief

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GREENWICH, Conn., Feb. 14, 2023 — Hunt Scanlon Ventures has released its latest human capital M&A investment blog, ExitUp, underscoring growing investor interest in human enablement technologies.

In the current issue, Caleb Edmundson – editor-in-chief of ExitUp – interviews Sergio Monsalve who is an early-stage investor focused on human enablement technologies.

“As the founder of Roble Ventures, Sergio has developed a proven playbook that has helped entrepreneurs generate $8B in market value,” said Mr. Edmundson. “During his 14-year term as a partner at Norwest Ventures, Sergio was an early investor in 3 unicorns – so he’s the real deal,” said Mr. Edmundson.

Today, Mr. Monsalve spearheads investment strategies around helping entrepreneurs increase equity via human enablement technology. “It is all part of a new ecosystem which is quickly gaining traction in the world of human capital investment . . . and that makes this week’s lead story a must-read,” said Mr. Edmundson.

Roble Ventures’ investment strategy is centered around DE&I – initially by investing in diverse firms – but on a larger scale by investing in technology that empowers a new wave of human potential across society. “We believe that this is not just a smart way to invest, but a movement to bring some much-needed empathy and human-centric benefits back into venture capital,” Mr. Monsalve told ExitUp in a recent conversation.

Read today’s exclusive issue of ExitUp.

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